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Day One.



So I basically got a profile on here to try and help/support anybody with acne. It sucks. I'm the millionth person to say they've tried everything, but I literally have tried IT ALL. I went onto Retin-A .01% along with Doxycycline and topical clindamycin that became my go to treatment when it got out of hand (this was about five years ago or so). What initially broke me out was Proactiv. I never had a single spot until I used it once, and no, not too abrasively, but I used it and what happens? My face catches fire for what seemed to be the rest of my life. It was terrible. So The Doxy+Retin-A+topical clindamycin cleared me for good (so I thought) and it was almost as if I had skin like my little sister's (who is 4 years old). So my skin remained 100% clear my entire sophomore year (and mind you all, I didn't care about my skin at all during these two years). Well, as junior year rolled around, my face broke out in its worst. Not only did I have cysts, it hurt to make any facial expression. Sooooo my pizza self roamed the school with my face down, as I basically looked like an alien. I decided that wasn't my thanggg anymore, and I went to Amoxicillin and Retin-A. No problems there, but penicillins cure bacterial infections throughout the body, where Doxycycline is even better because it has anti-inflammatory properties in it- why didn't I just stick with that? Beats me... -.- So my struggle got worse, and I decided to throw in the clindamycin with benzoyl peroxide, which is Benzaclin. Basically? It fried me even further. So I decided to hit up my doxycycline again and it did wonders ONCE AGAIN and I remained clear for six months, and I discovered my body got used to it which really put a damper in my entire life. So then into senior year, I went into cosmetology school and really tried everything under the sun and beyond and I decided to give Doxycycline one last try... .................... No. sad.png So at that point I was screwed. Now, all the while my dermatologist, who I had been seeing for years had been quite persisitent with Accutane. I was terrified, and still am, but then I realized I'm paranoid and emotional and ANY drug can cause any reaction that may not even be listed on the information (and clearly [no pun intended] that took me years to discover).

So I visit my doctor last week, and she goes right ahead with the paperwork basically saying this and that and the other about it and her experiences with the "wonder-drug" over her years of experience. I bit the bullet and told her to sign me up! So I go get my bloodwork done (which has to happen for the entire duration and a little bit beyond). I drop my script off, have my local pharmacy sign me up with the IPLEDGE program (saying I'm not going to get pregnant, because I'm a dude and that..... no), and I get a phone call about it from my pharmacy...... $325.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad.pngsad.pngsad.pngsad.pngsad.png -_________________________- I bought it. This afternoon, and took my first dose, and what made me come to my terms of investing like this, and it is justifiable because I spend a lot on my skincare in general... Retin-A isn't cheap. Face creams aren't cheap. Even body lotion is getting rather expensive too! D: So with as much as I've spent in the past, I realized I can make that come to a hault and proceed with permanent treatment.

So just to get to the point, I'm sitting here, 21:30-ish, drinking water (as you should drink A LOT if you're broken out), and about to go to bed, I took my first dose at 18:20 with some cereal biggrin.png

So day one out of... 180-ish? Maximum? I'll try my hardest to keep y'all posted, and feel free to comment/message me about questions regarding my experiments, my experiences (more thoroughly), or my current experience. smile.png Goodnight!


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