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Day Eight

Okay, so I cracked last night and used some moisturiser. I couldn't help it, my skin was so dry and felt really itchy! Apparently it was also quite red. I used the Simple hydrating light moisturiser, and I was utterly paranoid that I'd either wake up with ridiculously oily face, or tons more spots. But I didn't! In fact, I think it has helped a lot. My skin doesn't feel as rough or bumpy, lots of the spots which had reached the dry crispy stage have either gone or shrunk, and I'm not itchy anymore!

So, I've been on the Dianette for a week now, and the antibiotics for just over. I don't know which is working, but one or either is. I'm guessing it is the antibiotics because I don't think the BCP has been in my system long enough to have much of an effect on my hormones. I've still got at least seven active spots, and quite a few more red bumps or dry ones, but compared to what it was, that's quite an improvement. And I can't get over how much smoother my forehead is! Seeing how my diet has gotten worse these past few days, it is definitely not what I am eating that is helping. Two months before this I started drinking only water, making sure I had my five a day, eating loads of fish and cutting out gluten, dairy and anything really sugary. So soda drinks, crisps, chocolate, biscuits and cakes all went. These past few days - wait for it - I had some chocolate, some biscuits, a cup of tea, a hot chocolate and a glass of coke! Not to mention a couple of slices of cake! Shock horror smile.png I am still drinking loads of water and getting my five a day, and lots of fish though.

I would really recommend these antibiotics to anyone with acne, although I know they can take a lot longer than this to have an effect. I read a lot of horror stories on the internet about antibiotics not working which really put me off going to the doctor in the first place. And yet, according to my doctor antibiotics are effective in about 90% of cases. She did say it might take some trial and error to find the right one. I don't want to give false hope as they may not work for everyone, and I know they do have risks and side effects. But I was at risk of doing something very stupid, my acne had made me that depressed. I couldn't leave the house, I hated the way I looked, and I was not living my life. So, it was a risk I was willing to take.

I'm still using the Simple cleansing gel morning and night, and now I'll add the moisturiser in once a day. Can anyone recommend a good, gentle exfoliator? As I really want to try and get rid of more of the dead skin.


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Ooh, I'll try them thanks! :) I've heard that the st Ives one is quite harsh though, is that true?

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