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Hello all! Well I am in a considerably more optimistic state of mind than I was in my last post, the crazy hormones of that time of the month have thankfully left me, my skin has calmed down a TON, and I'm delighted to share with you two new "treatments" which seem to be working quite smashingly--and they are as completely all natural, which is a huge bonus.

I have maybe one or two active pimples right now, which is a huge improvement over two weeks ago, or even last week. I've been doing a couple of things differently than I was before, and I definitely think it's helping, so I'll share it with you guys!

1) Instead of using TP or the edge of my hand towel to apply my toner to my face, I, on impulse, bought some cotton balls around a week and a half ago and started using them every morning on my face, and I really think it's made a difference. The cotton balls are a lot softer and less abrasive than what I had been using, and I make sure my touch is a lot lighter, so that it doesn't rub and irritate the skin. It also soaks up more of the toner, making it more effective.

2) I've been using a lot less epiduo...I definitely think I was using too heavy of a hand with it before, I was going through it too quickly, and I didn't see it having too much of an effect...now that I use only a very little on my face, it's been a lot calmer and controlled.

3) I've been taking a probiotic morning and night, and drinking Bolthouse Farms Green smoothies whenever I can. Good for the digestive system, and thus, for the skin.

4) I've introduced the use of pure honey as a spot treatment, and aloe for my scars and skin in general. I've used honey in the past and dismissed it as a old wives tale, it never seemed to work for me, but once I used pure, local honey, I saw a great difference in the results. It's antibacterial, brings down redness and swelling, and tastes amazing. I actually bought an aloe plant, for around three dollars at Home Depot, and every night I cut a little piece off of one of the stalks and just rub the sticky juice on my face. It really brings down swelling, I think it's been making my scarring better, and overall making my skin healthier and softer. The part that I cut off the plant just heals over, so I can get a lot of uses out of one plant, and I know for sure that it's pure aloe, and doesn't have other chemicals added to it.

5) I don't know whether I've mentioned this before, it's not a new part of my regimen, but I have learned that what I use on my hair definitely affects my skin. Right now I use Yes to Cucumbers 98% natural shampoo and conditioner, and I love it. It's chock full of good and natural ingredients, my hair loves it, and it hasn't negatively affected my skin. It's sulfate and paraben free, and it's not too expensive, you can find it at target, and it actually works.

So there it is! These things have greatly benefitted me, I hope they help you! I think the greatest hump of my acne is over with, time to relax and work on scarring :)

Have a great week guys!


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I used raw honey as a face wash for about a year, and I would also use aloe afterwards. The honey definitely helped keep my acne at bay and the aloe reduced swelling quite a bit. After a MASSIVE breakout I (stupidly) decided to use Proactiv, which just made my skin worse. I'm currently using CeraVe 2x a day, along with a raw food diet. Once things get more settled I hope to switch back to honey and aloe. Using natural products is really important. You're doing a great job and your skin looks really good! Best of luck!

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