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Can Food Cause Acne Or Red Marks?



Hey there so as ive mentioned before i have moderate acne but have lots of hyperpigmentation and i was wondering if any certain types of foods can be causing this. Should i go to a naturopath and have myself tested for any sensitivities or allergies? or if anyone has any more information on this topic it would be very helpful for me. Also sometimes when i use a product my skin gets itchy is that normal? or no maybe im using too much on my face? i try to only use natural products like jajoba oil, witch hazel, tea tree oil and stuff. Is anyone can help me with any of my questions i would greatly appreciate there help

thank you


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It's proven that although food isn't the root cause of acne, it can definately trigger breakouts. This is the list of stuff i've heard can trigger acne and stuff I know can trigger acne. Stuff I know: Milk, chocolate, cheese, any type of dairy product due to hormones in the milk itself, hormones that are being put into cows to make them produce more milk. Carbohydrates, gluten, sugar, junk food, soda pop, high fructose corn syrup, fast food, pizza, basically any type of really greasy food. I heard red meats can trigger breakouts too, i'd look into it though cuz i've only heard about it a couple times. Your best bet is to jus google what foods cause acne and look at every result for the first 5 pages. You should be able to get a good idea of what does and doesn't by then. As for the itchiness, I would stop, if you use a product and it makes your skin itchy, that means it's irritating it, definately not a good sign, it really depends on how long you've been using it for though, if you've just started to use it, i'd give it about 3-4 weeks to really let your skin get used to it, and don't get discouraged because it doesn't work immediately, also don't switch back and forward inbetween products because that jus confuses your skin and does nothing, probably even makes it worse.

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Thank you so much that was very helpful il definetely still keep using my products for a couple more weeks and if the itchiness is still there il stop

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