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Week 23/24 Advice?!



Not much to report zit/pimple wise, I have about a week left on this drug! :)

But I am super scared to get off of it. Did anyone taper their drugs out? Or just stop when you run out? I feel like I want to be on a low dosage for another month or something? any suggestions? eekk!

I attached a week 13 pic and this weeks pic. It is such a relief to see the results! And week 13 wasn't even the worst!



Wow that's a drastic improvement, just scars as far as I can see, but those go away with time. Are you on accutane? Kinda scared to get on it but if it works that good I might jus think about it.

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Thanks! yes I am on accutane. I have been on it for about 6 months. I am not going to lie, it was a long road to get to where I am but I can tell you that accutane has definitely raised my confidence and I am really glad I tried it. When you have consistent cystic acne, really what is there to lose? In 6 months I will have to start laser treatments to lessen some of the deep scars from cysts but scars are much easier to deal with! :)

I would recommend going on accutane!

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I don't think tapering out from your meds is a bad idea at all! that's pretty much what I did with my birth control D: Stay on the medication until you're completely satisfied with the results before you do. if you suddenly start breaking out again just resume your usual treatment!

talk to your derm about it too XD!

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When did you stop breaking out on accutane? i am starting my 5th month tomorrow and have broken out seven ways to Sunday this past week but have been continuously breaking out since my 2nd month of treatment - getting so discouraged.

Looks good! Tapering off accutane doesn't make a difference as it will stay in your system for a month or so after you stop.

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It was really bad for the first three months, then just minor break outs. I haven't broken out for 2 months. I know how you feel, dont get discouraged, maybe you just need longer on the drug, everyone is different. Or maybe you aren't taking a high enough dosage? Sometimes people breakout longer because they are still purging acne out from really really deep under your skin. Believe me I know how you feel, there have definitely been days where I thought it would never end but one day you will wake up and not see anything to pick at!! Keep your head up :)

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