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Day Six



So I have been on the antibiotics for 1 week exactly now, I started them on Tuesday the 19th of February. And I've been on the Dianette for five days, having started it on Friday the 22nd of February. I wasn't expecting to see results for a good number of weeks - although I did secretly hope it would be sooner.

I can't say for certain if anything has changed, seeing as I am avoiding looking in mirrors in order not to pick and pop my skin. But my grandmother asked tonight if I was wearing make-up when I wasn't, and said how much better my skin looked. Apparently it hasn't broken out since I started the medications, and lots of the acne has healed. My forehead is a lot smoother and clearer, as is the area around my nose. I still have several angry spots and lots of dried out ones, not to mention the red acne marks. But it is a sign of improvement, so I'm over the moon!


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