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Day One



So I've suffered from acne to varying degress of severity since I was about fourteen. It started off as the usual couple of spots around that time of the month, and gradually increased to five or six which would never leave. In the past year, it's become much worse. I can't remember the last time I had completely clear skin. My jawline and cheeks are generally the worst. At the moment my forehead is covered in bumps and four actual spots, I have 1 cyst on my cheek and at least ten other spots of varying heights and redness. My jawline is pretty much covered in spots. Some are big and active, some could just be red marks. It's hard to tell. I have five or six spots on my chest at a time, and one or two on my back, both of which I can cope with.

I've reached the point where make-up can't hide the acne on my face, and I can't even look in the mirror. I've had to take time off university because I'm so depressed by it. Having been to the doctors, my acne was labelled moderately-severe, and I am going to start on a regime of Lymecycline antibiotics and Co-Cyprindiol birth control. The latter is actually Dianette.

I'm just going to wash my face with water. Every product seems to break me out, my skin is so sensitive. If it gets too greasy/flaky, I'll do a wash with my Purely Naturals Oily Cleanser. It's 100% chemical free, and may be the one thing which doesn't make my skin worse.

I don't plan on leaving the house unless I have to, so won't be wearing make-up. If I do have to it'll be Bare Minerals Matte foundation. It doesn't irritate my skin, and it doesn't have the Bismuth in it like the orginal.

My doctor told me it could be about eight weeks before I begin to see an improvement. It'd be great to hear from people if they had an improvement before on either of these medications? Or if they could let me know what to expect? Also if anyone else has just started on either of them, it would be nice to support each other.

I'm taking the Lymecycline an hour after breakfast, and the Co-Cyprindiol at 8.30am.

Until tomorrow...


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You need to wash your face with soap to remove excess oil. Also, make-up can exascerbate acne to the nth degree. I would stop using it if I were you. However, you are taking briliant steps towards clearer skin. You will see a difference over time. Good luck!

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wash with soap and then use an oil-free moisturizer. You should also use a retinoid like retin-a or differin gel. Good luck. I know what its like to have sensitive skin. I get red blotches on my neck and rashes and all kinds of weird shi* on top of acne...You need to normalize your skin care routine. Home remedies like "washing with water" don't work for people with acne. but no matter what you do about the soap and water, the antibiotics you've begun and the BC pills will work wonders for you. Give it six months and you'll be zit free (if you lay off the make-up).

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