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Week 10



Okie Dokie

I kind of forgot last week, but no real changes to report any how!

I went and saw the dermo yesterday for the first time since starting (accutane) and they actually apologised for not putting me on prednisolone at the start- said no way it would of gotten this bad and swollen! (thanks guys). So I left with a script for that and the sad news that they are just going to keep me on this dose (since I had such a bad initial breakout) for the total time of 18 months!! WTF!?

i am hoping badly that it gets better wayyy before then and I can stop earlier. My face has actually cleared up ALOT with no new marks for about 2 weeks now, it is just still red and kinda mushy in places, and if I put pressure on it will leak like yellow watery puss stuff (sorry). Fair gross.

Any how, no new side effects. I remember when I was on pred last time it made me not hungry- and tane makes me starving, so maybe on both I'll go back normal haha


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I'm always starving on Accutane too! I always carry around granola bars! Even right after lunch I'm hungry!

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Sweetie please you can not be on accutane for 18 months that is really irresponsible of them! What dose are you on? I might consider switching dermatologists.

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I go to a hospital so it's almost a different dermo every time, I've had the same ones a few times but its hard! The hospital is only open Friday afternoons and is a 3 hr drive, kind of annoying- but! It's free.. They do seem like good doctors though. I'm only only 20s so my dose is really low- they were just really concerned that the IB would happen again if they notched it up, so a longer course is required. I really doubt ill need that long .

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