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Living With Acne



Hey so I am new on here and would never think in a million years I would be on an acne website considering this is my biggest insecurity. Just wanted to know as a college 19 year old if anyone else has any tips to feel super confident maybe if you dont feel or look that great. After Accutane my skin looks flawless, but then each course it slowly comes back. It is definitely frustrating but I am tired of having it ruin my life.

I would love to hear peoples stories with acne!


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I never had acne until after I had kids and since then my skins been fluctuating but never 100% clear like it was...recently (the past few months) my skin has gotten unbearable...its absolutely horrible...and its even worse when people ask "what happened to your face?"...ummm yeah, fuck you. lol

so after getting sick and tired of hearing people ask what happened to my face, and after unsuccessfully trying to fix it myself, i finally went to my doc and he put me on Retin-A. I'm on 0.1% which is the strongest dosage i guess...and i was seeing slight improvement, but not enough to make me feel better...so thankfully i came across this website and ordered The Regimen. While i waited for it to come in, I followed the instructions with products i had here at home (no scrubbing, gentle soap, no touching face too much, non-cosmo-something moisturizer) and OMG! what a difference already!!! I'm so excited! I hope it continues getting better and my skin clears up and becomes the way it used to be!

but yes, acne deff does take a toll on you emotionally and hurts your self-esteem...but you gotta look in the mirror and realize that the acne WILL get better!! it may not be today, or tomorrow...it may take a little bit...but it will go away. and its the people that stick by you and that can see beyond your acne that you want in your life.

i realized how much my boyfriend really loved me when i suddenly started breaking out, and my skin got so incredibly horrible and painful and red and swollen and just disgusting that i would cry everytime i looked in the mirror, and he would always look at me and say "so what you're breaking out? you're beautiful! it'll get better babe, dont worry" and he told me everyday how beautiful i was...thats what gave me the confidence i needed to leave the house and not focus on my face...especially when i was dealing with his family and mine on a constant basis with the "what happened to your face" comments...ughhhhh....but yeah, thats my story...

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Aww that is amazing I am glad your boyfriend is so supportive! I wish you all the best of luck with everything and dont worry those people who comment about acne will get karma and maybe have acne in the future. Having acne has been a struggle for me , but also it has taught me to be STRONG! I know some friends who will literally not go out because of one pimple try having a full blown face of cystic acne. It just shows that we have gone through tough times , but if having acne is our worst problems then I think we can be thankful in life:)

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