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The Baseline Blood Test



So today is February 15th and I just got my blood drawn to start the Accutane journey.I am a 19 year old female in college who does suffer from acne. It has effected my life since I was 12, but Accutane has allowed to be confident in my own skin and each course my acne becomes less severe. It is amazing what clear skin can do to people and their self esteem. I am definitely what you would call a veteran with Accutane and everything that encompasses it. I have never made a blog, but I figured since this is my fourth course on this miracle pill maybe I could track my progress and be more involved with it. I hope to hear from many other people who have been on this medicine or maybe some who have not. I can answer many different questions on this drug and have done many years of research on this drug. Cannot wait to be done with my final course of this drug for life.


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I have done it 3 times (on my 3rd course actually) and this time around, it is not helping and i am a month away from finishing a 5 month/60 mg course. If this fails, i'm not sure what my next move will be.

Wishing you all the success in the world. How long did you clear up between courses and what was your dosage/length of time/weight? What month did you beging to clear up/not break out?

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Thank you and I wish you the same success as well. My very first course was a sophomore in highschool for five months at 60 mg which was hell because my face was awful. I was semi clear for about 4 months but it came back WORSE my junior year I mean so awful. I took another 5 month course same dose and this time the IB was not as bad and it kept me clear for a few months. During my senior year though it started to come back and I did 60 mg for a THIRD time . My acne was no longer cystic just moderate, but he wanted to make sure to banish the acne. The third time was a MIRACLE for me. I was on bactrim an antibiotic a month before so my initial breakout was eliminated. Bactrim did wonders for my skin so if the third course doesnt work for you ask your dermatologist for it. It is seriously amazing, but some people are allergic to Septra. Anyways my third course worked wonderfully and now my face is not that bad at all, but Accutane is a god send to me.Each time it helps decrease the severity of my face. I have never had side effects so he doesnt mind prescibing it to me. Now I am starting a low dose for 7 MONTHS at 40 mg a day. I weigh about 120 , but I am training for a half marathon so probably around 115 soon lol. Accutane is definately different for certain people, but if it works for you and the side effects are minimal go for it. This is my last time ever taking this because I want to live a life free of drugs and do it the natural way. The only thing I would ever go on to manage small breakouts would be bactrim. Each course the clear up is different and every course its quicker. This course hopefully I will start away but my past its usually around week 8 or 9:)

Best of luck to you!

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