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Week 1



Well, here are the week one results on Accutane. I actually just popped my 8th pill.

The only side effects I have to complain about are extremely dry eyes and my joints are a little bit stiff. Also, my scalp has been feeling pretty itchy lately.

I've been washing my face with cetaphil 1-2x a day, applying cetaphil moisturizer 2-4x a day, using my carmex and aquaphor about once every hour, moisturizing my body (not face) with baby oil and vaseline lotion 1-2x daily, and I also sleep with the humidifier on. Also, I've been drinking about 6-8 bottles of water daily, I use head and shoulders for the itchy scalp, I take a benadryl at night for itchiness and watering eyes, visine and ophthalmic eye drops for watering eyes (I also wear my glasses instead of contacts..I just look amazing right now!! hah), and I take advil occasionally for headaches and stiff joints.

As for the progress of my skin..not a huge difference. I've got more bumps than usual which makes it feel a bit more rough. Not a lot of cysts (I know I will get them, just a matter of time). I haven't noticed any major dryness but I'm pretty good about moisturizing.


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Day 2 of Claravis....I was really nauseas last night and have a slight headache this morning. Did this happen to you? My body hates medicine as it is, so the nausea doesnt entirely surprise me. Did you have anything like this happen? I am half way convinced it's a mind thing-reading way too many "comments" about side effects of it:-)

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I had about 2 days when I felt nauseous on accutane.. i think it was like day 10 or so. i always make sure that I take it with a full meal and I always, always, always drink it with a glass of water. I think te water really helps:) and I have had headaches that come and go. I just take Advil and drink lots of water and that really helps!

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