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Retina A Micro Journey!



So, i am on my third day of using Retin A Micro 0.04%. The first day i had no issues, I applied it at night and went to bed. The second day was fine and i didn't apply that night (I'm only applying every 2nd night for about 2 weeks). The third day was unfortunate. After shaving and showering, I noticed some flakiness and peeling on some areas of my face. After getting out of the shower, my face burned a lot and was very red! I decided to put a honey mask on and the burning went down, now i'm off to bed, applied my retina a micro and my face is still really red in certain areas (cheekbone area) but luckily the burning feeling went down. I'm hoping it doesn't stay too red for too long. Excited for it to start working though, gotta push through the side effects! Wish me luck! :)

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