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Day 25 On Accutane



So in the midst and stress of moving house over the past week, my skin broke out quite bad. Nowhere near as bad as it used to before I was on Accutane however. I'm finding it quite difficult to be patient at the moment, it's hard seeing only minor improvement each day but I guess I don't have much of a choice but to stick to it.

My lips have just gone insanely dry. I can't eat a hamburger without them cracking. Also, waking up in the morning and forgetting about my cracked lips and then yawning has proven to be quite painful. I'm literally applying lip balm every 5 mins. Have only washed my hair once this week and it's still dry! Loving it. I hated having greasy hair that was constantly weighed down.

Skin is flaking absolutely everywhere. It just falls off my skin like I'm sunburnt. My knees have been quite sore as of late, probably due to all the running I've been doing. I started cycling at the gym instead to ease the tension.

I find myself drinking so much water but still feeling dehydrated. The Accutane is definitely working in drying everything out. It's just a matter of getting those last few pimples to hurry up and push through!

One of these days I'll find some time to take some decent pics :)


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Im pretty much at the same stage you are. Today is day 27 for me. I'm having the same side effects you are. I'm loving the dry hair the most!!!! And dry skin is such a plus too! Because I can't stand my normally oily skin.

I'm also having the sunburnt skin. And my lips feel so tender, swollen, and red. They feel like they have no skin on them anymore. :( They literally hurt to the touch.

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I'm close behind! Just started 6 days ago, experiencing the IB, but hopeful bc I know EVENTUALLY i'll have beautiful skin.

I'm excited that you guys are starting to notice the effects! Have you found one particular moisturizer that works better for you than others?


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