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Accutane Update



So I haven't written an entry in a while, but I did snap some pictures of my progress.

It's day 26 today. My skin has been pretty dry for a week now. I use cetaphil moisturizing creme (in the tub) on my face, and sometimes a thin layer of aquaphor on super dry spots at nighttime. My skin looks sunburnt and I hate that the most out of all of this. I can deal with the dryness (which I actually like because I am an oil slick normally) and I can deal with the initial breakouts too. But the sunburnt look just sucks. Makeup doesn't even really help it as much as I hope it would. My lips are very chapped and I need to have aquaphor on my lips at all times.

Other than that, all is well. I had my bloodwork done yesterday, so I will hear back from my doctor if anything is not right.

The following are pictures from day 12. I was in the process of my initial breakout, and I was trying hard to keep my head up through it all smile.png I found that taking pictures with flash was the best way to show the state of my skin. So don't mind the peach fuzz and other gross stuff lol





The following are pictures from day 22. My skin looks a lot better here, and seems to be healing. I still get breakouts, but not as bad as the ones from the initial breakout






I will try to update every 10 days or so...or more lol. I tend to put things off. Cheers!


I'm considering taking accutane for the 4th time? Did you have any success with it this time around?

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Hi! Thank you for leaving a comment. I know I haven't updated my blog as progress went on. It's been two months since I finished. I was on it for 4 months. And it worked!! My skin is back to being oily as before the accutane, but it's not a bother compared to acne. :) Looking at these pictures now, I am so surprised at how much my skin has changed! I can't believe my skin looked like that! Now it is so clear :) I don't even wear makeup lately. I just use some translucent powder to help control the oiliness. If you're thinking of taking accutane and willing to go through the side effects, then I would highly recommend it :)

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