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Day 24 Of Accutane!



If you don't want a rant about my morning skip to 3rd paragraph! No school again for me! This has turned into a five day weekend! But this time it's because of freezing rain not snow!

So I woke up this morning to a two hour delay and got to sleep in until 7:10 then I got up took a shower washed my hair and face. Got out of shower put on moisturizer. Then I put on foundation. And then I left my bathroom and went to my room. I checked my phone no cancelations so then I went onto Facebook and it says school is cancelled! Really? You couldn't have announced it before I woke up and took a shower and did my makeup and put in contacts and did eye and nose drops? Then I had to go take out my contacts and wash my face and neck. ( I also put makeup on my neck and chest to cover up acne) and washing makeup of is a long process for me! Lol sorry for my rant!

Okay so my skin looks better! I did get a new small cyst next to my eyebrow! That's not a big deal though! Still tons of comedones. And nothing really new.

Side effects: I'm feeling fine! No depression, mood changes, sadness, etc. Slight headaches which I am reporting to my dermatologist. My breathing is better although I will talk about my asthma like symptoms when I go to the dermatologist in a week. Also so back pain that I'm not concerned about. And dry eyes, face, lips, nose, and itchy scalp and skin. So I see nothing major here. The thing that's most concerning to me is the asthma related problems. But i think that's just because of winter and cold. And it gets worse when I go snowboarding or outside. Also some pain in my left side but I'm sure that's from doing some differs stretches and exercising the other day. So I won't be concerned about that unless it continues after another week or so.


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