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Day 23 Of Accutane!



Does anyone else notice that when they wear foundation that existing pimples that you have popped get more pis in them? Because u swear that when I wear foundation that happens as opposed to not wearing foundation. But maybe that's just me!

Okay! So today there was no new pimples and any big ones or scabs I had on my cheeks are now gone! I am just getting small whiteheads on my face. For now my cysts are pretty much gone. The ones in between my eyebrows take forever to go away. But they are hardly noticeable. My main problem right now is all the comedones and blackheads. And I'm extremely tempted to use a 0.04 Retin-A with mosturizer but I'm not sure. And I know everyone's going to be like no! Accutanes enough! But I am on an extremely low dose and I feel like my skin can handle it.

I should probably go wash my makeup off now because I have no need to be wearing it anymore and I'm just suffocating my skin!

Also no side effects really besides dry itchy skin and lips and some minor body aches which are most likely from exercising!


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