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Important Things To Do About Acne



Alright. Here are a few acne tips that I may be restating, but that are extremely important.

-The only times you should be touching your face is when you are applying products to it

-Drink lots of water, about a gallon THROUGHOUT the day, not all at once. This will flush out necessary things, besides toxins

-Have a positive attitude about your acne

-Eat healthy, organic foods if possible. Try to avoid dairy from cows, which your body cannot digest well.

-Be consistant in your daily routine. Do not keep on trying new products before you are sure that your products are not working. I usually wait a month (about four weeks) before trying new products if I don't see signs of improvement.


Recommended Comments

What kind of milk do you drink and dairy products?

I rarely eat/drink dairy products but when I do I tend to go organic. I drink Kefir sometimes, which is yummy and a TON healthier than your average milk. I sometimes have greek yoghurt with pre-packaged fruit inside. But, when eliminating dairy from your diet, you have to substitute it by eating other high-calcium foods. You can google some high-calcium foods easily. YOu can also eat soy, almond, and other milks that don't contain lactose which is bad for your acne. Sorry I couldn't answer better I am pressed for time

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