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Anyone Else Find Vegan/ Vegetarian Help Acne?



I recently became a vegetarian, oh, about 2 months ago..never really was a big meat eater bc of environmental reasons, but thinking about going towards vegan. I already cut out drinking milk but I still eat yogurt and cottage chz..can't seem to cut that out but I'm wondering if that could be one reason why I'm breaking out..idk any experiences?


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It might be because of added hormones in meat and dairy. Make sure the yogurt and cheese is organic. And hormone free. A lot of people find that when they eat hormone added meat and dairy products it throws off their hormones and makes them breakout.

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Hi there! I have been on a vegan diet for over 6 months, I was a vegeterian for 11 years. I can honestly say that my acne has worsened over the years.

But that can be because I don't use antibiotic lotions anymore, because of the side effects.

the vegan diet has made absolutely no difference. I continue to be a vegan and eat healthy because I also love animals and the planet, but it's a mystery why my skin hasn't improved at all:-(

I am on day 8 of accutane, I always told myself I could get rid of acne naturally, that's why I'm 39 and still have acne, but hopefully I can beat it this time.

But congratulations on becoming a vegan!

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