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Antibiotics Be Gone.



So today is my first day not taking antibiotics. I've read a lot on this site about not quitting cold turkey but I decided to go that route and let you all know how it goes. Because it didn't have severe acne and it was more the PD I'm hoping my face won't flare up like crazy.

Fingers crossed oh so tightly.



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How's it going now? I had PD many years ago (I'm an old goat!). I took minocin for about 6 months and it cleared it up beautifully and it didn't come back until I was pregnant (both times) but unfortunately I wasn't able to take anything for it then. It went away after the babies were born. My GP taught me more about pd than my dermatologist ever did. Things that make it worse are formaldehyde which is in paper products. I suffer from allergies, so every time I blew my nose I was making the pd worse! I used cotton hankies (I know, a bit gross) while I had a breakout; paper tissues were fine when I was clear. Also, I used to have to wear pantyhose for work which also have formaldehyde, but washing them with skim milk powder removes it! Bizarre, but that's the advice I was given. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that I was a pd sufferer, but it did indeed clear up. It's just plain old acne that plagues me now!

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Thanks for the comment! I hate hearing about others with this rash but it is nice to know someone understands at the same time. After stopping the antibiotics the rash was gone for about a month. It just recently came back (not nearly as bad) and just in a few spots near my lip. It's been manageable but I've started another round of antibiotics just incase... That's so interesting about the formaldhyde because I still to this day don't know what my trigger is. My boyfriend works in construction and is probably exposed to an awful lot of that! I've often thought it was a fluoride issue as well. Since you mentioned you had it when you were pregnant that leads me to believe its hormonal as well? Something to look forward to when I decide to have kids ugh! Did your doctor only suggest that it was a formaldehyde irritation or is there more to it? The more information the better, it sort of seems as though everyone and their dog has a different opinion on the matter.

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I don't really know what triggered it, toothpaste could well have been a factor and if I ever get it now it's usually in the corners if my mouth. I think the formeldehyde just made it worse, not necessarily a trigger - could happily blow my nose with toilet paper when I was clear! My dermatologist used to just give me different creams to try which worked for awhile, but then stopped. He used to give me a few days worth (!!) of antibiotics for flare-ups but it really wasn't long enough to see results. When I couldn't get an appointment with him I saw my gp instead and she's the one who put me on a 3 month course of antibiotics. In her opinion creams don't work, and I believe she was right. I stayed on for an additional 3 months after that and then it was good after that, though I did go back on them a few more times in my mid 20's, but never for too long. I remember something that definitely is a trigger for me - the sun! If I spend more than the usual amount of time in the sun, I will start getting a few spots, and I broke out once after a holiday in Greece. I recently found a website with a page dedicated to PD - made by a doctor who suffers from it. She sells natural products that she claims helps. I don't remember the name of the website though - sorry! Maybe you have seen it before, anyway.

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My derm just throws creams at me as well, which is why I don't enjoy seeing him. My GP is useless as well (as mean as that sounds) she just has no idea. The only way I know how to get rid of it for at least a little while is doing a month of antibiotics.

I'm noticing though the spots are showing up rather close to my lips. I know Pd is suppose to spare a line around your lip border and that's just not happening in my case. I'm beginning to wonder if it's PD at all and perhaps an allergy/irritant instead. It definitely seems like dermatitis still or maybe even eczema as my lips are extremely dry and the skin that connects to my lips is dry as well. So confusing!

I'm curious what your flare looks like. Do you happen to get small spots that weep clear fluid? My problem areas are never super red however they start as tiny bumps that will leak fluid, dry up, and if I irritate it then it turns red.

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Yes, they were really tiny and filled with fluid - I could gently scrape my finger against them and burst them. The rash was sore, dry and itchy. My rash was never super red either but as far as I can remember it would sometimes be close to my lips but mostly under my nose and on my chin and sometimes even near my eyebrows. It has been many years since I really suffered though, I can't remember all the details - sorry!

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