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Cystic Acne Help!



I have dealt with cystic acne for about a year now, it was managable but the past 3 months it has not been! I'm so fed up with spending money on all the tropicals and antibiotics! They are killing my stomach. I go to my dermatologist tomorrow for the process of getting on accutane. I don't want to get on it but it is my last resort. I'm very impatient about getting my pretty skin back! I use to be so outgoing and sociable, now I'm complete opposite! It's making me very desperate! Anyone have any comments about accutane... I'm 23 btw.. I believe I have hormonal cystic acne. I get it on my chinand forehead. I also started taking birthcontrol 1 1/2 month ago. Thanks to whoever replies! :))


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I'm on my 18th day of Accutane and it is hard to deal with the dryness and feeling tired and I used to get bad headaches but I'm very happy so far that I started it and haven't seen any improvement yet but I have hope that in a few months I will have clear skin and can regain my confidence.

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I went to the derm today and I start nxt month..had ti go through the ipledg program booklet and all the blood tests. She is going to start me on 20 mg bc of my weight I guess, then bump me up gradually. I'm so scared to start it but have to do it. So do you know how accutane works after you are done with the treamtent? I wasn't too sure..she was trying to ecplain to me but Didnt make much sense to me. Thanks for your help! ;))))

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