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Easy Acne Diet



Ok, so we have taken care of the outside of your face, but why is acne still occurring then? Well it makes sense doesn't it? Acne comes from the inside out. So, if you have been cleansing your face twice daily for a few weeks, and acne is still coming, then you know its something you are putting into your body, that your body has rejected and is trying to eject through your face (I know, its a terrible inefficient way, but your body is very desperate). So here is a list of things to not eat or drink.

-DAIRY PRODUCTS: this is a big one. Dairy from cows is very hard for your body to digest, especially non-organic dairy products with chemicals in them. Eliminate dairy from your life, and you will definitely notice a difference.

-Sugary products: Products like cake, soda, and chocolate are all causes of acne as well. It doesn't mean you can never have them, just totally eliminate the for a while, and you will notice a difference. You probably will never go back!

-Greasy products: Products like greasy chicken, wings, chips, and other junk foods are all causes of acne. I haven't noticed that noticeable a difference when eliminating these, but everyone is different. I just don't eat them because they are unhealthy for not only your skin, but your liver and other digestive organs.

See it makes sense now, right? You never hear stories of acne in the Bible or in history books. That's because they didn't use chemicals and unnatural things in their crops! I suggest watching Food, Inc. It is eye opening and inspiring to diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Hope you all have a great, acne free life now!


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