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Rundown Of My Water-Only Skincare Routine



I don't really see the point in "updating" anymore since my skin's progress is basically the same every time, especially now that I think I've found what works best for me. So here I'll just give a run down of my routine!

I shower generally once a day, but not always. I do not wash my face outside of the shower.

1. Wash hands and go about regular shower routine for other areas of body

2. Splash face with water once or twice. Pat dry.

3. Exfoliate by dry-brushing with a baby washcloth as needed. Works best if done before a shower, but can be done any time. The technique to this is to rub in circular motions a cloth over the face without really applying any pressure, doing so until any flakes are removed. My reasons for doing this are that exfoliating when my skin is wet dehydrates it more. This method keeps it feeling comfortable and helps with congestion, flakes, and marks.

4. Remove eye makeup with Clinique Take The Day Off balm if wearing makeup, moisturize eye area with a serum from La Roche Posay (very lazy with this part).

And.. that's it! I change my pillow case 1-2x a week usually or less, try to change linens once a week or so, I still take super hot showers, I still touch my face.. picking is really one of the only things that results in breakouts for me still, and not exfoliating clogs me up which can lead to inflammation. I also find it very beneficial to wipe down my glasses, phone, and ipod after a workout to remove the cleaning solution (as I work out in a gym) but I am lazy with this as well. I have also been conditioner-only washing my hair for a month or so now and I do like it, not sure if that has benefited my clogged skin or not.

Overall my skin keeps looking clearer all the time. Marks fade, scars fill out, flakes get removed, skin looks brighter, still not all that oily.. overall I'm happy with my skin although I definitely still have more progress to make!

I've attached the most recent picture taken of me with a flash camera. So it's far less forgiving than a camera phone. I am drunk in this picture, so ignore that part!!

Oh, and I still don't wear foundation or any face makeup on my face. I only wear concealer on my undereyes and then some eye makeup, or no makeup at all.


Recommended Comments

why don't you just use acne products? using only water won't work

Because not using skincare products already worked for me, hence not using them, as I no longer have acne after I stopped using all skincare products. In 2011.

Picture is fairly self-explanatory as to the condition of my skin right now.

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