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Day 17 Of Accutane!



Super dry lips! Nothing is working for them! But that's okay I decided not to give a crap about my appearance today! I have some new pimples today. What else is new? I also used BBCream instead of foundation but I won't be doing that again just because I don't like the texture of it. My scalp is also really itchy but it's not flaking. Also I noticed my skin is becoming more itchy but I can't bring myself to moisturize because I hate the feeling of lotion. I really need to get over that though.

Overall a pretty good day at least with my mood. At the beginning of Accutane I was really stressed about side effects and taking this medication and the the IB but now it's just something I deal with on a daily basis. I just remind myself of the clear skin I will have in a few months. Hopefully. I'm also planning ahead on what treatments and gadgets I'm going to buy to get rid of scarring when I'm done. Lol I really should stop.


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I would really suggest making friends with moisturiser, it would be better to start using it now before it gets flakey, once it goes flakey it is impossible to cover and looks just as bad as the dots.

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I hate the feeling of lotion more than you! But after 6 weeks on accutane my face was flaky and peeling off! Then I discovered Cetaphil, it goes on super light! It was great for a while but now I upgraded to Bio Oil. Yeah I am so dry I litterly put oil on my face.

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This is going to sound weird, but put CeraVe lotion on your lips. Be careful not to swallow it, it does not taste pleasant. But after that soaks in coat them in Carmex or something that will provide a good moisture barrier. I do this before bed and it help a TON! CeraVe also works wonders on dry skin.

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