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Visit To The Dermatologist



Hi everyone,

So I've had my first appointment with the dermatologist and gone for a blood test. I'm due for another appointment on 18th February when I should hopefully be put on Roaccutane.

I'm currently taking Trimethoprim whilst I wait to go on Roaccutane.


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Good luck! I hope they can put you on it soon! The sooner he better! In America it takes forever for all the paper work to do and it's probably the same there! Just make sure your prepared with tons of mosturizing face wash and lotion. Also eye drops, nasel spray, and tons and tons of Chapstick!

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Thanks, hopefully I'll get put on it straightaway! Have you been on it? If so, can you recommend any face moisturisers? Is E45 good?

Danielle x

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