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My Story So Far

I probably won't post in this blog very much, but I wanted to share my journey with everyone and have my whole story in one place so people know where i'm coming from.

My battle with acne started years ago, probably when I was 11 or 12. I hit puberty early (I was 9) so I got to go through the awkward phase even sooner than most. Yay! I started out with the typical solutions to acne- when you're 11, mom says 'Just wash your face and you'll grow out of it soon enough'. When it became apparent I wasn't growing out of it, I moved on to an acne cleanser/acne moisturizer, and when that didn't work I started Proactiv. I was about 14, and even though it worked for maybe 5 months to somewhat clear my skin (I'd still have one or two zits, but not 10) it really screwed me up in the long run. It was over-drying and I would scrub so hard that I eventually caused a lot of scarring that has still not gone away. When it eventually stopped working and I stopped using it, the breakouts were so bad that I ended up with even worse scarring and hyper-pigmentation. Then the battle with bad concealers and an endless cycle of makeup that ends up causing new acne began. For the last 3 years i've been more careful about gentle, non-comedogenic products and been on a constant wash/ BP/ moisturize regime. However, nothing has really improved in that time so in the last 6 months I've gotten serious about my skin. I did a lot of research, bought the right products, and made an effort to stop popping and picking, which has always been a problem for me.

I've been using this new regime in its entirety for only one month, but i've been introducing it part by part for a while now. In the past month my skin has improved drastically, but I know it could be a little early to see results. The major change in the past month it that I began Alesse birth control, so if it continues to work i'll let everyone know- I know its very androgenic but its a nice low dose option for me and its been great so far. My acne has gone from mild/moderate to very mild- I went from 6-7 inflamed lesions and perhaps 10 whiteheads at a time to a few whiteheads and between 0-1 inflamed pustules at a time. My skin feels smoother and looks so much more even in texture. It's less oily as well (although i've always been combination leaning towards dry, so thats not necessarily something I needed).

Without further ado, my current regime!


2 tbsp flaxseed, 1-2 tsp flaxseed oil

1 mulitvitamin (Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, D6, B12 and D, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Chromium, Biotin)

50mg extra Zinc

Alesse birth control, taken as directed at the same time each night.

Morning routine:

1. Wash face with african black soap

2. Tone with 2 drops lemongrass essential oil diluted onto a wet cotton ball

3. Spot treat with Spectro's BP for sensitive skin (2.5%)

4. Moisturize with BB Cream+ 3 drops jojoba oil

Morning Makeup Routine:

1. Prime and moisturize with Vichy's Pro-Even BB Cream + 3 drops jojoba oil

2. Apply 2 Parts BB Cream with 1 Part Make Up Forever Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer with a brush to hyper-pigmentation

3. Use pure concealer sparingly on spots that are still dark

4. Clarins Instant Light Blush for days I need longer wear (its a liquid so it goes on before my powder)

5. Finish with EITHER Korres Oil-Free Multivitamin Powder Compact (for a very light powder finish) or Purminerals Original powder compact (if I still need a bit of coverage)

6. Bareminerals loose powder blush for added flush if I need it

7. Everything else- eyes, lips, brows, whatever i'm in the mood for wink.png

Nighttime Routine:

1. Remove eye makeup with jojoba oil

2. Wash face with african black soap

3. Treat all over with Spectro's BP for sensitive skin (2.5%), let dry

4. Treat hyper-pigmentation and budding acne with AHA 10% Glycolic Acid

5. Moisturize with Garnier Moisture Resuce Refreshing Gel Cream + as much Jojoba as I need

6. Moisturize the eye area with pure jojoba

5. Use store-brand topical antibiotic cream with 3 antibiotics on any scabs or popped acne


I really like how you breakup your Morning & Night Routine. How do you remove your face makeup? I have been using Yes to Cucumbers wipes and I HATE THEM - I think they are breaking me out worse!

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I really like how you breakup your Morning & Night Routine. How do you remove your face makeup? I have been using Yes to Cucumbers wipes and I HATE THEM - I think they are breaking me out worse!

I find that my cleanser is enough to remove my face makeup- I usually lather up, wash my face once, rise, wash it again, then use a toner on a cotton ball to get extra clean before I treat and moisturize. I don't like any products in the Yes to! line- i've tried some of the carrot, cucumber AND tomato and never found they helped my skin at all. They didn't make it worse either, but my skin isn't terribly prone to irritation by comodogenic ingredients- my acne is all hormones.

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