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Background - Why I'm Taking Accutane



I am currently a couple of weeks into my course but I have been keeping a log so I will post the entries up til where I am now!

So, a bit of background, I have intermittent acne, in that I always have a few spots, with the occasional really bad breakout. It comes in waves for me. I've had this since I was about 12. I have always thought I will wait and see if I grow out of it. Here I am, 15 years later and no different. In recent years I've had acne on my scalp, and when it got so bad that it was scarring (leaving bald spots where the hair didn't grow back!), which is why I decided to take the plunge.

I've attached a couple of pictures, one showing how my skin is now. As I said I don't have 'severe' acne, but it's been enough to damage my confidence and annoy the hell out of me for over a decade, so...

So... I'll be updating with my experience! Right now I am at the end of Week 1, so I will start from here.

Duration - 16 Week Course

Dosage - Weeks 1-4 - 40mg

Weeks 5-16 - 70mg

If anyone has any questions they want to ask me about my experience, or any advice if they are in the same position, let me know!


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