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Third Month Of Accutane



Well I am a little late on updating my blog, oops!

I survived my third month of accutane! Unlike the first two months, this month the acne wasn't getting worse, and towards the end of the month, it was actually getting better. Though I still had a few big cysts on my face, the rest was starting to feel really smooth for the first time in forever! However, the post acne marks have been very bothersome sad.pngand they are almost as bad looking as the pimples themselves...

Side effects for this month have included...

-EXTREMELY dry lips!!!


-Dry and itchy eyes

-Dry inside of my nose (scabs)

That is about all as far as the side effects go.. I feel pretty lucky that those are the only things that I have had to deal with (besides the acne of course).

But yeah.. I don't really have much else to say for month three, I was able to focus more on school and hanging out with friends since my face hasn't been as bad, and that is something I am very grateful for smile.png

The only thing I wish could change would be my dry lips, they bleed often and hurt so bad!

I have tried everything on them and nothing seems to work.. sad.png

I hope that the next month will bring more improvement upon my skin, I can't wait to be acne free!


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You've probably already tried aquaphor but if you haven't you should! And not the one for lips just the regular one!

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Thank you!!! I used the lip stuff and it didn't help at all so I got the regular one like you said and it works so much better!! :)

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