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Day 14 Of Accutane!



Half way through my first month! I seriously already feel like I've been taking Accutane forever. Today was a pretty good day! I feel good about myself and I had no headaches or concentration problems. I also ate chocolate for the first time since Christmas so that might be why... Lol I love chocolate. I did wake up with a few small but painful cysts. I have 6 small ones. You can't really even see them but you can feel them. And I have 1 big one right between my earlobe and jaw but you can't see it cause my hair and just where it is. My eyes and nose did feel really dry today and my lips were constantly dry. I need to invest in better Chapstick. I'm also really tired but I'm not sure if its from Accutane or not.

Thanks for you support! Feel free to ask me any questions!


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