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Remission Achieved



I have been clear for almost three months and I have been off antibiotics for two weeks with no breakouts. I still use all my topical meds like: clindamycin, tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide. I also started washing my face with hibiclens. Hibiclens is a powerful antiseptic soap. As long as you can keep it out of your eyes its safe for washing your face. Hibiclens kills Propionibacterium acnes (the bacteria responsible for acne) on contact and continues to kill the bacteria for up to six hours after washing your face with the hibiclens. Hibiclens also cured my chest acne and bacne within one week of use in the shower each day. Tommorrow I go back on Amoxil just to be on the safe side. I consider my acne to be in remission, if you can call it that. Remission is a term usually reserved for descriptions of various stages of cancer recovery. But I think it fits in this case considering how viciously the acne bacteria attacked my skin for years and then stopped. I know many of you are weary of antibiotics but I can assure you that acne is worse. Especially big noduley pustules and nobs that are so painful to the touch and have weird sickening colored discharge, like yellow and bright green.

blogentry-178781-0-84778200-1359573855_tafter 2 yrs on meds picblogentry-178781-0-05512800-1359573893_tafter two years of treatment pic

blogentry-178781-0-52635800-1359573919_tafter two years of treatment pic

blogentry-178781-0-62328400-1359574214_tBefore treatmentblogentry-178781-0-17333900-1359574183_tbefore treatmentblogentry-178781-0-74824600-1359576268_tantiseptic face washblogentry-178781-0-28563700-1359574966_t antibioticblogentry-178781-0-88679300-1359575059_tgeneric benzaclin

blogentry-178781-0-29336100-1359575083_tantibacterial soap/contains triclosan

blogentry-178781-0-64341600-1359575111_tpurpose gentle face wash for days when my skin is too dry

blogentry-178781-0-92933200-1359575307_tTretinoin-unclogs pores

blogentry-178781-0-58773300-1359575345_ttopical antibiotic works wonders

blogentry-178781-0-25769000-1359575420_tMy other antibiotic that I swear by


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Your so lucky! I can't wait for my skin to look like yours! Where can you buy the face wash? I want to use it on my chest and back.

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Hibiclens can be purchased at Target, walgreens and CVS. You can get a generic version at Walgreens for about a 3$ savings. It is a really strong bactericide. Good luck with it. Helped me immensely. Get yourself a back scrubber too so you can put the hibiclens on the brush part and then scrub your back with it. I discovered hibiclens from one of my physicians when he prescribed it for an infection in a follicle in my arm pit (I know gross). Anyway there was this large, marble sized inflamed bump. I washed my armpit with hibiclens and it was gone after 10 days. The follicular infection is similar to a pimple so I decided to use it on my face, chest and back. Using it on my chest and back are little safer and should work really well for you. As for you wanting your skin to look like mine, that is hard to achieve and you have to be willing to break all the rules. All the rules. I am prescribed 1,500mg of amoxil per day. I take between 3,500 and 4,500mg a day. I usually see my dermatologist once every three months. In the meantime, I have gone to my family doctor asked for a different anti-biotic called cephalexin (works wonders on acne). Now in one month I have two prescriptions for two different antibiotics each containing a 30 day supply. For the first two weeks I take the entire bottle of Amoxicillin, the whole 30 day supply. The last two weeks I take the entire 30 day supply of the cephalexin. If I take more than six pills a day, as soon as I run out I will refill another bottle of either cephalexin or amoxicillin and pay cash for it since it would be too soon for my health insurance to cover it. The antibiotics run between $8.00 and $14.00. Not bad. I have been doing this for two years straight and just within the last 2 months I stopped breaking out completely. I even went off my antibiotic for two weeks or so and nothing has happened. My face has been smooth and clear. I now believe that higher doses of antibiotic can cure cystic acne. There is an element of risk involved in following this strict regimen. Of course there are side effects possible. I have been lucky and have not experienced anyadverse events. The big thing to worry about is colitis or to be frank, bloody diarrhea. The way to prevent that is to take probiotics either by pill form, eating yogurt or drinking kefir (my favorite). All of the above mentioned have live active cultures that aid in digestion thereby preventing diarrhea. http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/probiotics-diarrhea another caution. If you follow my regimen you have to take either Amoxicllin or cephalexin. If you use minocycline or doxycyline you will vomit for sure. Amoxicillin is well tolerated at high doses, as is cephalexin. Just to reiterate, other anti-biotics I have taken in the past have made me incredibly nauseous and I was unable to tolerate them at high doses. Peace!

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