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Day 11-Still Improving!



Definitely seeing some minor improvement today. Only just enough for me to notice. Not as much active acne and skin is drying out plenty now. A lot of the redness seems to be slowly fading also. Still a few pimples rising to the surface but that's expected. Lips are drying out INSANELY. I feel like my skin is reasonably balanced at the moment, now that most of the oil has been eliminated. I know it's only going to keep on getting more dry however, but it's such a nice contrast in comparison to having constantly oily skin. Scalp has been quite itchy lately. Only have to wash my hair every two days which is amazing! Loving most of the side effects so far. Considering it's the middle of one of the hottest summers we've had here and humidity is at a constant high, I'm so surprised that my hair is still clean after a day or two!

Question to those of you on accutane (I will probably ask my local pharmacy but just wondering what the general consensus is).

When upping dosage from 20mg to 40mg, does this mean I take two 20mg tablets at separate times of the day or do I take them both at the same time?

:S It doesn't say on my prescription how to take them.


I'm on 40mg a day and I have been told to take it at separate times (Derm and on the box). I even try to aim for 12 hours but that's just me. When I missed a tablet I went into panic mode for around 5 minutes and read that you shouldn't take try to 'make up' a missed tablet by double dosing on the same day, which reinforced the whole 'dont take your daily dosage in one go' thing.

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My derm said it doesn't matter. It's the same as taking a 40mg tablet if you take 2 20mg ones at the same time.

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