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Accutane Day 10



Hey everyone!

My acne does seem to be clearing up a bit. I hope this continues and that I don't experience an initial break out. The dark marks, which were my main problem to begin with have also begun fading a little bit.

As for side effects, my lips are dry. My skin is also dry but not nearly as dry as I expected it to be. I use Cerave sunscreen in the morning and this is sufficient to clear up my dryness. I don't use any moisturizer at night. My scalp is still itchy and that is very annoying. I haven't really noticed any headaches. I have also noticed that my pimples have started bleeding without much prompting. I washed my face with just my hands and one of my pimples started bleeding. Maybe my skin is getting thinner or more sensitive or something. I don't know.

The pimples on my face are still not going away. They are not as active but they are still raised and have not yet become just a dark mark. As for actives, I really only have one on my forehead.

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Hi! I'm on day 10 too :) Great to hear your progress. I also noticed my pimples bleed very easily especially when I get itchy skin at night :/ Good luck!

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