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Day 19: Ugh.



Fucking shit fuck.

This morning I thought things were really looking up. Then all of a sudden tonight it took a turn for the worst. I don't know what happened. The area was feeling extra dry when I went to my night class and so I came home and scratch at a little bump on my lip. That opened up and is now leaking and the area where my PD is got really red. This is so weird because I don't know what triggered this or if it was just because I scratched my lip? What I find strange is that these bumps are on my kip in the first place.... PD shouldn't touch the lip it should be the area just below that.

I'm so confused. If anyone is reading this - do you have any idea what this might be? Bumps and dry spots on my lip and just below. Eczema? But it's not itchy? God dammit, just ruined my night.


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