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The journey.

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I am digging deep to understand my acne. I want to know what happens, why it happens and how I can prevent it. But everywhere I go I learn something else. Basicly I think I understand that my pores become filled with, dirt, oil, bacteria, etc. But it's when they become blocked by excess skin cells that results in pimples forming. Now if that's true the cure should be to remove the clogging skin cells while be gentle enough not to disturb currently active acne. I really support Dan and acne.org but, I also believe that everyone has different skin. Mine doesn't even stay one way or another. But I have noticed over the two weeks now, I've been using the Regimen, for my second time around!! That the products are too harsh on areas of my face not affected by acne at the moment. My skin has become extremely tight, and flaky, and red, and overall not comfortable. I also haven't seen many signs at helping my active acne. I'm not saying that my skin won't get better eventually. But I think I've found another option.

Exposed Skincare has gotten amazing reviews and I am really eager to try it. I have full respect for Acne.org and I beilve it will work Amazing for many people but, if anyone has sensative skin like me, or is just intersted in exploring different skincare options I recommend checking out http://www.exposedskincare.com/ and looking into http://www.facingacne.com/ for more information on how to fight acne effectively. I have no experience with either of these sites. I am not promising they'll do you any good, I just looked into them today. But I guess for some of us there's no fear in trying. I am extremely cautious when it comes to skincare products. But I think maybe this will finally be the one for me!!

Good luck on whatever journey your taking!!

Yours, Neve.


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