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End Of Week 1 Pic Update



Day 8. Today is the first day I can safely say oil production is going down. My skin is a little more red and feels tight. I use a lot of Cetaphil creme and Aquaphor so my skin doesn't look dry/tight, but it sure feels like it. My scalp/hair is also less greasy, hooray! My lips are quite chapped but not super dry and not cracking yet.

I have slightly more breakouts compared to Day 1, but most of them are just old pimples that have become more prominent. My pores also seem to be more visible, and the gunk inside of them is coming to the surface.

I get excited for every pill I take; I'm a day closer each time to clear skin. smile.png






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I noticed your comment on my blog. Thanks! I'm going to keep up with your blog because we basically started accutane at the same time. It'll be interesting to see how treatments compare with each other. Good luck!

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You're skin isn't really as bad as you think :) it looks verrrrry similar to mine so we started around the same time and looks like we have very similar breakouts.

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Today I woke up to a bunch of pimples with the white heads (I don't know the terms). One of them was a big one with 3 white heads Lol, the mother of them all hahaha

It's not bad, no.. but my skin is just so damn resistant to any other treatments. And every time I take accutane, it comes back within a year. Sometimes I feel like I will never be cured. :( Maybe this will be the magical time it will work.

I would love the day when I can go out and wear minimal, if no makeup. I would love healthy skin.

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