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Cystic Acne Cured For Now



I am still using my comprehensive regimen. I don't want to jinx myself but I think I permanently cured myself of cystic acne because I have been off antibiotics for 7 days and no breakouts have happened. Before, like 6 months ago, if I stopped my anti-biotic for even two days, I would break out really severely. For those of you that are noobs, I have been overdosing on amoxicillin for almost two years now. At my height I was up to 6,000mg a day. I have been doing it for so long I think the bacteria just gave up. I killed off a persistent and awful infection and I wonder now if it was staph or just P. acnes. Whatever it was its gone now and I could'nt be happier. Good luck to you all. I have seen a lot of awesome regimens out there in the blogosphere. I think a comprehensive regimen is the best one. Recently I have seen regimens in the blogs that include a retinoid, an antibiotic, a topical antibiotic and an oral antibiotic along with benzoyl peroxide. Its great and its nice to see how it improves over time. I have seen massive improvements in my skin and its good to see others having success as well. Also the accutane users are always inspiring. I know accutane can be painful with a myriad of side effects. My dermatologist ruled out giving me accutane because I have so much success with traditional acne cures. I hope everyone that is in the midst of a severe breakout can hold on and keep the faith. Use the medications available to you and it will improve. One new thing I have added to my regimen is sure to create controversy, hibiclens. It is an antiseptic skin cleansers used by surgeons and hospitals to clean hands and disinfect wounds. It kills a wide spectrum of bateria on the skin. Since I started using it, I have not seen any new breakouts but my skin is a bit dry. My whole take on treating acne has been to focus on killing P. acnes bacteria. I use antibacterial soap and tons of anti-biotics and guess what? Clear skin, thats what! Luck to all y'all!


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I hope that you finally have your acne under control. I am also glad that you have stopped antibiotics as in the lng run they can cause many issues. Keep us posted on your progress long term.

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Seriously I think the worst is over. I have not stopped taking antibiotics, I just ran out for seven days. I am getting a new refill January 31st. I just wanted to make the point that my high dosage use may have finally paid off long term. I used to get large cysts all over my chin. They were huge white, yellow and green (yikes) pustules. It was a nightmare. That is what drove me to abuse anti-biotics. If I went under 3,000mg of amoxicillin a day I would get a massive breakout. Now, apparently, I can be off my antibiotic with no consequence. The zits are not coming back as of yet. I still have to wait five more days before I dive back into antibiotic heaven. I hope my theory holds true and I really dont need my antibiotic anymore. But still I am too afraid to quit. I can't go back to those days of painful and cystic acne. Constantly having sores all over my precious face. It was hell. Hell I tell you!! Good luck.

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