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The Beginning Of The End



Hey there smile.png

I'm a 23 year old female and I started my accutane journey seven days ago on January 20, 2013.

After trying numerous attempts of healing my acne, I have finally decided to resort to accutane. Previously, I completed two courses of doxycycline in conjunction with differin cream - the first course worked like a charm, my skin was clear for nearly two years. Having recently completed my final year in university, the stress brought on my acne in full force so here I am. Degree completed but now with a face full of acne which won't budge.

I definitely started noticing the expected side effects in the last few days - dry lips, itchy and flaky skin and less oily hair. Considering my face is normally dripping in oil and I have to wash my hair every day, I'm rather pleased with the side effects thus far.

Here is what I'm on at the moment:

-20mg a day for the first two weeks. Increase to 40mg thereafter.

Products I am using:

-Lucas pawpaw ointment for lips

-Cetaphil oily/acne prone skin cleanser twice a day

-Clear Eyes eye drops for dry eyes

Currently, I am not using moisturiser as my skin is still in the process of drying out. Where I'm from, humidity is generally at 70%-90% during the summer so I find that makes up for it.

I haven't noticed anything out of the norm in terms of side effects, however, I did wake up in the early hours of the morning last night with extremely itchy skin where my acne is (jawline, neck and chin). I couldn't stop scratching and made a few of my pimples bleed (woops :/ )

I think I may be experiencing the initial breakout, I have a couple of huge cysts which have come out on my neck and my skin is much the same if not worse than it was a week ago. I knew it was coming and it's only going to get better so I'm not too worried or stressed about it.

My acne is mainly on my jawline, neck and chin. Oddly enough, my forehead, nose and cheeks have always been clear. Here are a few photos of how my skin looks so far. (Not the most attractive, but it is what it is).



I'm using lucas paw paw ointment aswell, works great when I'm at home and can just slather it on but cant do that when I actually have to be public and not a huge fan of how shiny it makes my lips look either. I also bought eyedrops, because i wear contacts, but haven't had to use them yet (7 weeks in). Best of luck whilst you're on tane.

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Don't ever give up. I can tell by your pics that you have what I had. My face is clear now because of amoxicillin. I have seen before and after pics of people using accutane and the results are miraculous. Best wishes!

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Thank you both! Yes I find lucas pawpaw ointment works wonders. I really can't wait to finish this course of accutane and finally have clear skin. It would be so nice to go out in public and not worry about how my skin looks!

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