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Day 7 Of Accutane!



Yay! I made it through my first week! So my skin is doing pretty well right now. I'm not really sure if I had the IB because everyone is saying that you don't get that for a few weeks or months. But they also said you don't get dry skin for about a month and I do have that.

The breakouts that I did get starting Accutane are gone or have dried up and are now scabs. I still have all the acne that I had pre Accutane.

Also I didn't have a headache to day! I also noticed that my eyes are starting to get dryer and my scalp is itchy but my hair still get oily through out the day even though I wash it every morning. My lips are also becoming slightly dry but not really.

Also I'm deciding to use my clarisonic today with the delicate brush head and on the low speed b aide I think my skin can handle it with my Burt's bees intense hydration cream wash.


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