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Acid Ph






AHAs (Glycolic, Lactic, malic, citric, and tartaric are the most common) are basically ineffective over 4.0 pH, to exfoliate the skin the skin, the pH must be below 4 pH. Product percentage must be over 5%. (5% to 8% with a pH of 3- 4 is the minimum level for a daily use AHA, this will not treat scars or rebuild collagen) It should be second or third on the ingredient list to be at least 5%. It can moisturize the skin at any pH, and any level.

Glycolic and Lactic are the most researched, and penetrate the skin the easiest.

BHAs (salicylic acid) are also basically ineffective over 4.0 pH; to exfoliate the skin, and unclog pores, the pH must be below 4 pH. Product percentage must be over 1%. (1% to 2% with a pH of 3- 4 is the minimum level for a daily use BHA (skin with very clogged pores may need higher 5% and lower pH)

BHA though penetrating deeper is actually milder then AHA, because it is also has anti-inflammatory effects. It can be toward the middle or end of an ingredient list, because amounts needed are less.


Then get a 5.5 pH cleanser
– no wait needed, or wipe down skin with a low pH alcohol free toner like the Nutrogenia Alcohol Free or Paulas Choice or Nivea one, or very dilute Apple Cider Vinegar – this eliminates your wait time


okay if anyone has C question, PM me and I will help, if I can.
If not, no worries.

For scars:

I had a 1 scar on my forehead, along my outer eye. This went from outer eye up to, and through eye brow.

It was shallow, not raised, flat but noticeable. May be 1/4 inch wide I think.

Similar to this one on Sandra Bullock but wider, and up into the brow

I received it as a teen, so it was 22 years old approximately. I actually was not “trying” to spot treat it per say. I really had forgotten about it. But while treating my face, using an advanced treatment plan, I looked up one day and it was completely gone. I had had this for years, so this was not “normal” healing. It took about 6 to 9 months to remove it. Not positive since I was not monitoring it exactly.

I used mild cleansers on my skin, once a day. (low pH, mild detergent)

And I was using 10% Lactic Acid with a low pH 1.9 daily. (I was using the Diana Yvonne One at that time)- once a day for 30 minutes

Skin Biology Exfol BHA Serum twice daily. (I now use the stronger I Feel Pretty BHA/AHA blend, but the Exfol is fine also)

Super Copper Peptide Serum, from Skin Biology twice daily.

COP 2X cream once daily. (Skin Biology)

Moisterizing oil with Emu, Jojoba Hazelnut, Raspberry Seed oil and some Essential Oils added.

30%, low pH Glycolic acid from Platinum Skincare once a week all over face.

Since I was doing an advance routine at that time I had twice daily applications of Copper and exfoliates. (I was not working at the time, so was able to fit this into my schedule)

My routine was like this.


Water wash with Microfiber cloth.

BHA 2%, low pH for 30 min

AHA 10 %, low pH for 30 min

Super Copper Serum all over

Moisturize with Emu, Jojoba, oils blend mixed with water

Makeup and Sunscreen


Wash face with mild low pH cleanser

AHA 10 %, low pH for 30 min

Super Copper Serum all over

COP 2X Cream all over

BHA 2% lotion applied on top as a penetration enhancement agent (no exfoliation action)

Moisturize with Emu, Jojoba, oils blend mixed with water

Rest skin two days a week. (Weekend for me)

One day a week, when I remembered, I replace one AHA step with 30% AHA peel strength for 6 weeks. I tried a few brands, Glycolic and Lactic. Lactic was gentler. I have since learned I like TCA also. Glycolic is the most irritating of the three, and the least recommended option IMO.

Normally you would not use this intense program all over, though you certainly can to “spot treat” areas. Some people do use this advanced program twice daily all over face, and that’s fine too – after you build up to this level, if skin can tolerate it. It took me one year to ramp up to this level.

If I was treating a facial scar now I would do it slightly differently.

I would spot treat the area with Super Copper Serum mixed 50/50 with COP 2X. Or 2X alone if you can tolerate it. (the 2X is much stronger then the Super CP Serum, and not for the faint of heart) I would try to do this once to twice a day, based on skin tolerance, skin area, and your schedule.

Apply Lactic 10% BHA 5%, low pH serum once or twice daily. (I like the all in one from I feel pretty, but you can use two separate products with two wait times instead)

Use the I Feel Pretty lotion BHA as a push/penetration enhancement agent if needed in the PM.

Use a 12%-15% TCA or Lactic peel once a week. Platinum Skincare or




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