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Day 5



Took the 5th pill today, and so far no dryness reported. Might be because I have already started dousing my face in cetaphil creme moisturizer and aquaphor on my lips and whatever flakies I have on my face.

My skin is starting to become a bit more sensitive now, and I can feel my existing pimples coming to the surface and getting bigger. I have to try SO hard not to touch/pick my face. That has always been a problem for me! So far, no luck with that lol. But I know that I WILL have to stop touching my face once my skin gets uber sensitive and thin.

I can also feel the gunk starting to come out of my pores- feels like the surface of a fine sandpaper. Eventually, it will feel like there are grains of sand on my skin. I'm looking forward to that lol, I hate plugged pores.

I will update with pictures in 3 days (end of week 1)


I need to stop picking too! Whenever I have my last few days on Accutane they always get super dried out and gross! I'm glad we're both starting at almost the same time! It gives me someone who can relate!

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my pores are super clogged but at some spots it is getting the sand feeling. mostly my cheeks under my eyes.. i guess that's a good sign.

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Would be great to here if aquaphor works for your lips, I've been on accutane for 5months and I haven't found a lip balm that works wonders unfortunately, I don't think they sell aquaphor in uk which is annoying. Hope accutane works for you! :)

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