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Day 12: Spoke Too Soon.



Well I'm annoyed.

Yesterday I was very pleased with the fact I made it through the weekend, but apparently I spoke too soon... I woke up with a large bump this morning in the are near my mouth. After washing it was a little weepy and that was pretty disheartening. This usually means it's going to return. There are some smaller bumps which I'm sure will continue to get worse but I'm going to pray x10 they don't. So why today? Day 12 of Minocycline and day 10 of not using the antifungal. The reason I thought I was out of the clear was after using any topical on the affected are it always came back within 5-8 days, I guess I got extremely excited when I got passed that mark.

The only thing I can think of that might have touched or affected the area is my boyfriends hair gel or something that I ate. Now what did I eat? Let me think...

- poptarts

- grilled cheese

- 1 glass of chocolate milk

- 3 pieces of pizza (veggie)

- sesame seed bread

- pulled pork sandwich

Okay, so the glass of milk is what stands out to me considering I never drink milk. That and I never eat sesame seeds. Those are the only two far fetch things that I can think of that I might have a sensitivity to. Even then I still eat a lot of cheese and sour cream which are obviously dairy too. Maybe it's time to limit dairy as much as I can *gasp* not sure how easy that will be.



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