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What Product Is Right For Me?



so I've tried a lot of products because I've had acne for about two years now? i used to use Clearasil products which didn't help my skin whatsoever, I used burts bees which did help a little at the beginning but then stopped working and then during the summer my pimples just disappeared so I only used wipes which were very gentle then all of a sudden my pimples came back, but worse:| so I began to use Neutrogena products that really do work, only a little thoughshifty.gif then I began to break out again so I guessed the product had stopped working. so I went to my dermatologist and he gave me samples which are really good btw:) message me if you wanna know what they are>(they really helped) he told me to use dove oil free soap stuff?i didn't because I needed oil in my face at this point, I was peeling:( oh and I also tried grapefruit Neutrogena which did kinnda work but made me peel even more and I began to get cuts from..i used antibacterial cream to heal them:) they were like gone the next day..so my skin is like mixed and is never right?does anyone know what products I can use?:o

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Try Cetaphil gentle face wash! I sounds good for your sensitive skin! They even have ones for oily skin but they are really gentle. While it doesn't help improve acne it gets your face clean so it won't cause acne. But then while using the cetaphil you can use the products your dermatologist gave you or creams from the drugstore. Also if those products dry you out you can use them every other day or just a few times a week. Drying your skin out too much can cause acne. Also stay on the same product for at least a month. Most of the time acne gets worse before it gets better. Also look for products with low amounts of benzoyl peroxide so it doesn't dry out your skin then work your way up to a higher percent of it. If your skin gets dry you can always mix the cream or gel with moisturizer. Like Cetaphil lotion for dry sensitive skin. Hope this helps! Message me if you have any more questions!

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