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The journey.

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Week One - In Review



Well I guess my first week is over, if you can call it that. I made a promise to myself that I am never going to feel like this again. I'm tired of being afraid of my reflection. This week hasn't been outstandingly different than any others. Some days I see progress in my skin, others I wan't to cry over what it's become. Either way I'm working toward being permanently clear!

I learnt that weekdays are easier than evenings and weekends. Even though I face more people in my day-to-day week life, I find it's easier to be busy and distracted from my skin during that time, than it is to be alone at home just shiffling around constantly thinking about my acne. Truthfully no one ever says anything about my skin. In some ways that is worse because you know they think it, or you believe they do. It also makes more oppritunity for me to tell myself how ugly my skin is. The trouble is I don't find acne unattractive, I'm not saying I find it attractive, but I am not put off my it. I can see beautiful people who have acne, they aren't hiding behind their skin or trapped by it. To me they just look like people. But I know that when I think about myself, or when most people think about themselves they see the worst. I could stand next to someone with skin worse off than mine and I'd be self concious about how I looked. But I won't let this burden weigh me down.

Some people give in to acne and they settle on learning to live with it, others take the long uphill climb towards clear skin. Then their are the people who take acne as the worst thing in the world. But the truth is even if it your skin hurts sometimes and you are shy about your appearance their are a million people who would trade places with you. Acne won't harm you or the people you love, it won't kill you, or prevent you from getting an education. Their are people in many harder situations than you. This week has really been about looking up for me. I just want to be thankful for everything I have and not dwell on having blemishes.

My Acne.org experience is about more than clear skin it's about changing. Making decisions that create a healthy lifestyle. I want to have healthy skin, and be healthy on the inside. I want a healthy attitude and this week I beileve I have started my journey in the right direction.

Best wishes on your journey.


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