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Update, Vitamin B5

Liam Foster


So im still suffering badly. Ive been to see my gp the other day and told her i need to see a psychiatrist very soon before my mental condition worsens. Very very depressed and reclusive. Im currently taking 4 500mg tablets of pantothenic acid (vitamin b5) but not really seeing nothing, however its only been 2 weeks so im gonna carry on. Im also taking something called 'help clear skin for men' which basically is a sachet which you add to water and it contains lactoferrin which has shwon to reduce the bacteria which causes acne. ive been taking this also for 2 weeks however you wont see a difference to about 6 weeks it says. Its a bit pricey but ill do anything atm. Still waiting for my facewash i ordered over 3 weeks ago from america to arrive. Hopefully my gp is putting my dermatologist visit forward so i dont have to wait for 3 months as told to me. What a life.


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Why do you have to wait 3 months to see a dermatologist? Call around. I have been reading your plight for four months and nothing you are doing seems to help your situation. Even though you are depressed, you should look into Accutane. I would say the only thing that can help right now is hope, and results! Accutane does both. I was sad as fuck too 4 months ago but now I love my skin! Fuck all the side effects. The monthly blood test, consultation with your dermatologist, and your own judgement should let you know if you need to stop.

Honestly I have only gotten dryness as a side affect. The only bad thing so far is I had to get eye glasses when I use the computer because my eyes are dry but fuck that too! I rather wear glasses (which are awesome $400 Ray Bans) than not having the confidence to look anyone in the eye.

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The waiting list for the derm is ridiculously long over here matey. And accutane is what im hoping for when i visit. Dont really want to but i dont really have a choice atm mate. As you will know, ive tried literally everything haha.

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Are you in the UK, is that why your waiting list is so long? I'm also in the UK and i payed privately for my first dermatologist appointment which i think was about £160. I asked my dermatologist during this appointment if he could refer me onto his NHS patient list as I am a student nurse and cant afford £80-£160 a session, and he did. I only waited a few weeks for a NHS appointment after that.

It may seem expensive but it probably accounted to the same amount of money i was wasting on skincare products targeted at mild acne.

I really feel for you and can relate to the depression you're going through. Just remember it wont be like this forever and things WILL get better, it just takes trail, error and time

good luck

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Yeah i live in the UK. And my gp did say she would try and bring my appointment forward but who knows when that will be. And thankyou, depression is awful

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I have depression too Liam//I have therapy and a shrink and I take meds and I manage...acne makes it all worse..thank god my breakouts stopped finally with the amoxicillin and cephalexin..

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