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So Frustrated!



Hi everybody! So, I've finished my month of birth control. Yay! But.. no accutane yet.

I got all my blood work done, the pregnancy test, etc. (which really sucked bc I've had a kidney infection & I've been stuck with all kinds of needles the past week :() and my derm cleared me on iPledge Friday. So, I got my prescription and iPledge ID card, all excited and what not only to go to the nearest CVS to find that they don't have Clavaris 20 mg in stock. So, I call around and NOBODY has it in stock within like a 30 mile range of me. Finally, I find a Walgreens in a bigger city who says they have it. I drive a good 45 minutes to go and get it filled and.... my insurance has to pre-authorize the medication. SO FRUSTRATING! After chasing this stuff down, I've yet again been denied! And you know what's the crazy part? When I called my insurance just to make sure the ball got rolling so I'd have it before my 7 days was up, they said that the reason it has to be pre-authorized is because there's so much abuse of medicine. I'd like someone to enlighten me on how there'd be any way someone would abuse accutane? The process of actually getting cleared to get it is ridiculous! And who would go through all that trouble unless they really needed it?? Another thing, I picked up some pain medicine when I had the KI, and IT didn't have to be pre-authorized. Yet, medications that are at risk of being "abused' have to be?? This makes no sense to me.

But anyway, my seven days runs out Thursday so I'll hopefully start taking by then & I'll keep this blog updated.

On the bright side, the birth control has cleared my face up a lot :) the worst part about my skin, I"ve come to realize, is the hyperpigmentation marks left behind from OLD acne. Sucks, but I'm going to look into getting that taken care of soon. Probably after my Accutane trial, since my skin will be so sensitive.

Oh, and now I'm using Cetaphil wash and moizturizer. Works a charm! Hoping it will help to control the dryness.

Hope everybody has a good weekend!

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Same thing happened to me. What I did was I told the pharmacy technician that I was going to be coming there for the next 6 months so she pre-ordered all my pills and it is always ready. I even gave her my IPledge card so I don't even have to carry that around.

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