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Accutane And Tattoos



I have been planning to get a tattoo for a while i didnt know u had to wait a while to get one even after you were off it. What would happen if i got a tattoo while on accutane, and if i took it for 4 or 5 months how long would I have to wait for it to leave my system so i could get a tattoo?


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I am not sure what would happen if you did it anyways, but my doctor did tell me no tattoos while taking accutane :( I believe it takes a month to leave your system since that is how long you have to wait before you are allowed to donate blood.

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One time I scratched myself at work on a large backup battery. It took two months to heal completely. Now I still have a slight discoloration and I am on month 5 of Accutane.

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