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Day 6: Waiting.



Good morning,

Just woke up and washed my face, etc. Just wanted to update, the area is looking great, where I was putting the antifungal cream is still dry but flaking off, no bumps. However, I did notice one tiny bump where I wasn't putting the cream, as well as a few very tiny bumps along my nasal lines. Now this makes me nervous because when this returns that's usually how it starts. It begins with one small bump and just starts growing from there. So I guess we'll see... I also wonder since I'm on antibiotics why I would continue to keep getting bumps. I notice when I'm making out with my boyfriend his nose is rubbing against the area where my nose/nose lines are, could that possibly have something to do with it? Irritating my skin or rubbing oil off there? Who knows. Just a thought. Also - if this rash begins to return near my mouth, does that mean it isn't PD at all? It's suppose to go away with the antibiotics not get worse. So many things to think about. Although it is too early to tell.

Another thing I wanted to mention - I had to make an appt. with my dentist for a cleaning. I'm extremely scared to go because 3 months ago when I got a root canal is when this all started. I believe the rash became worse because of all the stress my skin went through that day. As well, it could be an allergy or agitation from SLS or fluoride or even the amount of latex being rubbed against my mouth. Just more food for thought.



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