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Just A Little Introduction



Hi. I am an ordinary 16 year old girl cursed with acne. I've had acne for quite some time now and I've decided that I want to document what medication I use on my face and whether they work for me. I started having pimples at quite a young age-12.

While everyone else had clear skin, I was plaqued by the occasional spots on my forehead. Gradually, it became much worse, especially in the forehead region and I was distraught. I went to see a dermatologist and she prescribed several creams. Unfortunately, most of the creams did not work. As I grew older, the acne began to spread to my cheek area and my acne then was extremely bad.

After several creams failed to work, it was in 2010 when my dermatologist recommended that I go on accutane-a powerful acne medication that was proved to be the most effective acne treatment out there.

I discussed with my parents and did my research only to find out that accutane was so powerful that it would cause several alarming side effects. I remember that at that time, I was desperate. Desperate to rid my face of the ugly spots once and for all. I decided that I would take accutane and see how it worked. My dermatologist said that as I had no cysts and that my acne was not too severe, she prescribed me a low dosage of 20mg a day. I went online and found out that there were people taking 100mg a day and I was shocked!

Just like everyone else who went on accutane, I experienced the initially breakout. Despite so, I remained relatively optimistic that my acne would clear. Well, guess what? After 2 months, my face was looking pretty clear! I was ecstatic! For once, I felt confident in my own skin, literally.

However, the clear skin that I had was not to last. About 3 months after I finished my course of accutane, I found that my acne was coming back. Having had the taste of clear skin, one or two small spots would arouse so much anxiety in me. I was worried and I kept thinking of going back on accutane.

Sadly, my parents didn't approve of this powerful and miraculous drug anymore because they felt that it would damage my liver and that it was just too costly.

Having said that, that brings me back to when I discovered that it was always before my period that my acne was at its worst! I believe that it is because of the hormones?

I don't really know though.

As of now, my acne is a lot less when compared to my acne; pre-accutane. I still am struggling with acne though, just not as bad as it used to be.

I am currently giving several creams a try to see if it will help clear my acne.

I am currently giving epiduo a try, will elaborate more on my next post.





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