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The journey.

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What To Change? How To Get There?



I think acne.org has been an eye opener. I tried and I failed because of nothing but, myself and I am not the kind of person to crumble so easily. But my life is like running, I am really good at sprinting because I can push myself and work hard for those fifteen seconds. But when it comes to long distance I don't know how to pace myself and plan for the next 5km ahead. To me that means I can handle the here and now, I can handle today and get done what matters for the moment. But I can't think about the next three months, or even three weeks and understand how what I am doing now will make a difference. And I want that to change.

Whenever someone pity's themselves and whines about wanting to change their life I feel like smacking them in the back of the head and yelling "DO IT" because in the end the only thing stopping you is you. I know that things aren't easy but, trust me there are a hundred people way worse off than you. So I am going to challenge myself to follow my own advice. Not only am I going to get clear skin I am going to get the healthy life I deserve.

1. Time Management

Often I become obsessed with things and commit all my time to doing one thing, while pushing off other tasks (including sleep). I really want to find balance that comes with happiness. I don't like the idea of scheduling my day by the minute but, I want to have some structure in my day. The simplest place to start is here. Although blogging my thoughts and feelings is useful I don't want it to be consuming. So to avoid not actually living a life to blog about I am going to make a goal to Write Every Sunday no more, no less.

2. Fitness

I am in decent shape. I have a healthy amount of body fat and am capable of doing my fair share of push-ups. But when it comes to endurance or cardiovascular strength I am lacking. So I would like to give myself 2 fitness goals. The first one is to help continue challenging myself through conditoning by Working out for 30 min. a day . From where I am now I think this seems completely achieveable. On the more difficult side, my second goal is to Run a mile in under 7 min. 30 sec. that means cutting an entire minute off my time!


I don't believe in diets or starving yourself of food. I think every person has an appetite that they must feed and that, that is healthy. But I do believe that to get your body doing what you want, you have got to feed it what it needs. That means cutting down on processed junk, and fast food. Eating natural healthy food is good for you. Your body needs carbs, and fats, and sugars, but these can easily be found in fruits and wholewheat breads and pastas. If you're someone who works out or burns a lot of calories you are going to want to eat which is OK. So I am not setting my permanent goal yet, but my goal for the week is to record everything I eat this way I can actually see what I need to fix and what I am doing correct.

I really want clear skin. I don't want to have to avoid my reflection any more, I don't want people distracted by the acne on my face, I want to be confident about who I am. But I don't think that washing my face alone will get me there. I tried to follow a routine and see results before and I couldn't. But if I create a lifestyle, for myself that supports the goal I am working toward it makes that goal achieveable.

Best wishes on your own journey.



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