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Day 2: Repeat.



Hey guys,

So, I thought I posted last night for Day 1 but clearly it didn't go through on my phone. It's fine considering I had a lot more to discuss today.

So today is day 2 of Minocycline (2 pills per day) and day 3 of using Canesten cream (it's not the one for your vagina lol I don't think I would feel comfortable putting that on my face). It's too early to write about how the minocycline is affecting my skin, however, the antifungal cream has been great for moisturizing the problem areas and then drying them out. I say that because it's a cream you rub in, so my skin doesn't feel overly dry, but then the ingredients in the cream dry out my PD spots. So far so good, the spots are drying up and I'm beginning to see less bumps already. I'm hoping this success will keep up. As for my overall routine, I'm still using my face wash (Arbonne) and moisturizer (Cetephil) as per usual and I've changed around my toothpaste and shampoos so they don't contain SLS. Fingers crossed that a month from now I'll feel beautiful again.

Brings me to my next subject - what causes this awful rash. I've put a lot of time and research into Perioral Dermatitis and from my own experience I can tell you about how I get mine and how I (hopefully) eliminate it as well. So, I've had this before as you probably concluded from my other blog. This time isn't as bad, only confined to one side of my face and a little under my nose. Each time I've gotten this it has ALWAYS been from using overly drying products or some sort of trauma to my skin that is overly drying. By this I mean being sunburnt or over washing or using BP. When you ruin your Ph level that is what causes dermatitis. This time I noticed it after a trip to the dentist where I was drooling all over one side of my mouth and where the dentist was constantly rubbing against. So if you've had this before, to make sure it doesn't return try to eliminate situations or products that are going to leave parts of your skin too dry. If you do happen to get this rash, my first piece of advice is to go get yourself a month of antibiotics. That's the only thing that has ever completely worked for mine, regardless of other topical's I've tried. I don't recommend going the natural route because this rash will be around for a long time. In the past I have used yogurt masks, ACV, and now antifungal cream. Right now it's looking like the antifungal cream is taking the cake for a topical for PD. Not sure if PD has an actual fungal component but it works well at keeping the area dry so it can flake off. That's the key here... I know I said PD is caused from over drying your skin so in my opinion using a bit of moisturizer with whatever topical you chose to use is what's going to help your skin the best.

I hope I can at least help a couple other people out there with dermatitis issues such as this. If anyone ever has questions please don't hesitate to PM me or leave a comment.



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