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Behold--The Humidity



Hello all you lovely soldiers against horrible acne (or S.A.H.A! yep. Came up with that on my own.) How has your week been? My first week of the spring semester went very well, I enjoy all my classes, believe it or not, and my new job is quite cushy and enjoyable :) All this enjoyment started, of course, after my nose decided to stop rapidly draining fluids, and my sinus' followed suit and decongested themselves, thank goodness for rest and Nyquil! The state of my face has been very encouraging, I have a few whiteheads here and there, but when I think about how awful my cystic acne was, and how I have no cysts now, well, it puts things in perspective. That regimen sure as heck works for me, and I don't know whether it's the hydrogen peroxide, or the epiduo, or the velocity, or the antibiotics, or the combination that is so magical, but hey, I'm not questioning the almighty regimen. If it works, it works, I'm just gonna leave it at that. Rapid change of subject--do you guys believe weather affects acne? Because it has been humid as all get out (yes, in the middle of winter. Yes, I do live in the south. No, it doesn't snow.) and I've been noticing that my normally pretty dry face has been getting SO oily, and while it hasn't been causing horrifying outbreaks or anything, I've been noticing a few naughty whiteheads crop up since the weather turned. I'd be willing to bet that weather does affect our skin, it affects mine anyways. And my hair. Everyone who doesn't have curly hair is like "OMYGOSH I LOVE YOUR HAIR AND WISH I COULD HAVE IT!!" and they have no idea that with great curl and great body comes great responsibility and great frizz. I was literally only outside for ten minutes, walking from my car to class, and when I got inside, my hair felt like one giant ball of frizz. *sigh* Oily skin and frizzy hair. It's safe to say that I will be glad when the humid weather packs up and leaves. More speculation--do you guys believe a positive attitude can help your acne? I've some people claim that once they stopped worrying about their acne it cleared up, or something of that nature, and a part of me is like, "yeah, that could be legit." I mean, stress does have an effect on our skin, and so looking in the mirror constantly and searching for more pimples and freaking out when you get a new one isn't going to help. And lately, I haven't been giving a crap about my acne, I could be at school and work all day and not look in a mirror once, maybe sometimes in the bathroom, but a lot of the times not, and my skin has been doing very well. At the same time, I know my skin has been doing well because I'm using a regimen that is very effective for me, and I'm a month or so into it, so it's really starting to work. So my opinion is: having a positive attitude isn't going to work miracles, nothing but a good regimen and patience will do that, but a positive attitude certainly helps, which makes me and you pleasant people to be around--and that equals more friends, regardless of acne, because believe it or not, most people don't care whether or not you have acne. At all. And if they do, they're stupid, right? Right. Alright guys, have a good rest of the week! It's Friday tomorrow, woohoo! (And the picture below has nothing to do with my acne. I just like to include a picture with each post because I think it makes it more interesting.) TTFN, Tata for now!!


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